Bruce Lapier of Base Management provided comprehensive management consulting services to Northwest. His strategic planning; market analysis and systems implementation skills were invaluable during a period of recent growth.

Peter Winford, GM
Northwest Extrusions Ltd.


Organizations and systems are mostly treated as separate items when in fact they are closely intertwined. Often when corporations embark upon the deployment of new systems they do not have the trained human resources necessary. Conversely, when managers complain about communication issues within their company, they frequently don’t have the systems required to facilitate it.

Base has successfully coached both large and small organizations through their system and organizational development.

Strategic Planning. The old adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” still has strong currency. Strategic planning is a process that helps focus an organization on long term goals and objectives. By first identifying core strengths and capabilities then developing plans to leverage these into long term success, a business can identify the resources it requires to grow profitably.

Base has developed long term relationships with many clients, facilitating the strategic plan and coaching them through its deployment.

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